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Answers to your most frequently asked questions. Missing answers? Write to: info@windtrain.lt

Do I need to have my own wetsuit?

All the necessary equipment is provided during lessons, including wetsuits, helmets, harnesses, kites, boards, and more. Please bring your water booties to keep your feet safe from the sharp shells.

Can I bring non-kiters such as friends or family with me?

Absolutely yes! Our schools are located in places where non-kiters can definitely find plenty to do or simply relax. The majority of WT trips are to warm destinations where your family can relax by the pool, enjoy delicious food, or go on various excursions. Let’s not forget that we always recommend great dining spots, and there are many friendly people around.

We cater to beginners in our lessons and also conduct sessions for advanced individuals – basic tricks, jumps, and more. Therefore, we believe that once your friends or family see how enjoyable it is, they might also be interested in trying kiteboarding.

Can you offer a full package of a trip?

Yes! We will take care of everything: the trip, accommodation, and, of course, kiteboarding lessons and other activities. However, if you prefer to travel independently, we’ll always help however we can.

Do you need any special preparation to start kiteboarding?

Certainly not. Kiteboarding is for everyone. It can be enjoyed by children, as well as by elderly, without any age limitations.

What do I need to bring or how should I prepare for kiteboarding lessons?

You’ll just need a towel and a smile! Windtrain will provide all the necessary equipment for kiteboarding lessons.

Will there be things to do if there is no wind?

Over the course of ten years, we have selected the best and most attractive places that are not only suitable for learning kiteboarding but also offer a variety of activities. During the trips, you will be treated to delicious food and great parties. Most of these locations also offer other active pursuits, so if the wind doesn’t blow for a few days, you certainly won’t be bored.