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Enjoyable, easy, and yet professional. Even the most skeptical travelers return happy. During the journey, everyone tunes into a different frequency and lives in the 'here and now.' It may seem too simple, but that's only because they excel in organizing interesting active leisure trips. They adapt to the traveler, pique their interest without overwhelming them. When people love what they do, the results are evident. Kiteboarding is their life, which they sincerely share. And Edgaras is a source of life energy, thanks a lot to him.

Simas Juškevičius, Director of an airlines firm

I can only give the best feedback about WindTrain. They are a team of professionals, insanely passionate and living their dreams. If you feel it's time to diversify your life with a new hobby that will become an integral part of your free time or even your life, the 'Windtrain' team is the kind of people who will quickly 'infect' you and your team with kiteboarding. They will do it very professionally, everything will be executed down to the smallest detail. With them, everything becomes simple and clear yet at the same time, they manage to create a unique atmosphere of adventure. I recommend them to everyone who needs adrenaline, adventure, or just a good time with the best in their field.

Evaldas Inčikas, CEO @ VSGA

We organize team-building activities, aimed at strengthening and uniting the team, fostering courage and self-confidence. Additionally, we aim to help acquaint individuals with the elements of wind and waves and, of course, to have a fun and unforgettable time with colleagues.

We offer a variety of event options in Lithuania (near the Curonian Spit as well as by the sea), in Egypt, Turkey and Sri Lanka. Or perhaps you would like to take your team to sunny Brazil, Kenya, or South Africa? We’ll take care of all organizational concerns, leaving you to relax and enjoy your time.

Or perhaps you’d like to meet your VIP partners in a different setting? For instance, aboard a luxurious yacht, sailing around wild islands, or learning various daring tricks in the legendary kiteboarding lagoons of Brazil?