El Gouna


For over ten years of WindTrain’s operation, we’ve explored and selected the best and most attractive places to learn kiteboarding. We are the first and currently the only kiteboarding school in the world certified by the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO). This status means we have the opportunity to teach the intricacies of kiteboarding in different parts of the world throughout the year.

Get ready for the modern kiteboarding resort of El Gouna!

25 kilometers north of Hurghada lies the unique and modern resort of El Gouna, designed by a renowned architect for an exceptional Egyptian getaway.

A wide range of water sports activities is a hallmark of this town. Additionally, there are plenty of activities available on land. Horseback riding in the desert or testing your skills on a professional golf course or tennis court are particularly popular. El Gouna also boasts a variety of restaurants, cafes, bars, and nightclubs offering European-level service.

For your convenience, all the equipment needed for kiteboarding can be rented on-site. Beginners can choose from simple and easily controllable kites, while more advanced riders can opt for C-shaped kites suitable for freestyle. In case of lighter wind conditions, we can offer larger kites, ensuring you won’t waste your vacation time waiting for the perfect wind.

Beginners and advanced

El Gouna is known for its consistent wind, shallow coastline, and convenient infrastructure, which is why the first seasonal ‘WindTrain’ kiteboarding school was established here.

All WindTrain instructors hold IKO instructor qualifications and follow an international methodology that is constantly updated, safe, and designed to help students achieve maximum progress in the shortest time. All students who complete the course receive a certificate confirming their achievement, valid worldwide.

Not only beginners but also experienced kiteboarders will find plenty to do in El Gouna. Progress camps with Laurynas Juodeška are organized here. During these camps, those who are no longer beginners in kiteboarding will have the opportunity to learn new tricks, jumps, and perhaps even more complex maneuvers. Additionally, day trips by boat to the uninhabited island in the Red Sea can be arranged, which is surrounded by legends due to its perfectly flat water surface, particularly suitable for improving riding skills.

The destination

The wind direction in El Gouna is consistently side-shore, ensuring you’ll never run out of space on the water. Learning and advanced zones are clearly designated, so beginners do not interfere with the advanced. There are generally no dangers in the water, except for some sharp rocks, so we recommend having specialized footwear.

You’ll be able to rent all the necessary kiteboarding and wingfoil gear on-site. For added convenience, there’s a restaurant, showers, equipment storage, massage services, and plenty of other activities available.

In addition to excellent kiteboarding conditions, El Gouna offers a golf course, tennis and paddel courts, lush parks, winding streets, pedestrian areas, Italian-style architecture, and water canals running through the city. It’s no wonder El Gouna is also referred to as Egypt’s Venice.

Those looking to unwind and indulge can do so in high-end spa centers in El Gouna. All this is set in place for you to enjoy a European-style leisure experience on the shores of the Red Sea.


Arriving without equipment? No problem! Together with our partners, we will provide everything necessary for the lessons or individual sessions.

Equipment rental

We offer Duotone and Airush kites, custom boards, wingfoil and other high-quality equipment for rental. With our extensive range of gear, you can try out various kites, boards and disciplines.

The lesson’s cost includes:

  • Training with an IKO licensed instructor
  • Rental of necessary equipment
  • IKO course completion certification
  • Access to the kiteboarding center’s infrastructure”
Beginner465 Eur (6h)400 Eur (8h)
Beginner + 2 days rental600 Eur (6h + rental)540 Eur (8h + rental)
Intermediate lessons with own gear260 Eur (4h)185 Eur (4h)
Intermediate lessons with school's gear95 Eur/h65 Eur/h.

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Only kiteboarders with at least a Level 2 IKO card are allowed to rent equipment independently. If you don’t possess one, a ‘WindTrain’ instructor will assess your skills and make a decision. This system is designed to ensure both the safety of our clients and proper equipment usage. All gear is rented on a personal basis, so the client is responsible for its condition upon return and must compensate for any damages, if present.