For over ten years of WindTrain’s operation, we’ve explored and selected the best and most attractive places to learn kiteboarding. We are the first and currently the only kiteboarding school in the world certified by the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO). This status means we have the opportunity to teach the intricacies of kiteboarding in different parts of the world throughout the year.

Kintai – that’s where it all started

More than a decade ago, a fellow WindTrain enthusiast and founder of the Kintų Kaitų Klubas, Laurynas Juodeška, was among the first to obtain an IKO instructor license and moved closer to the seas, to Kintai. He set up a large estate there, built a couple of cottages, and started teaching his friends the art of kiteboarding. Since 2009, the estate, gathering kiteboarding enthusiasts and Laurynas himself, has rapidly grown and evolved. Currently, Kintai stands as the largest kiteboarding school in Lithuania, with a team of 20 professional IKO-certified instructors working constantly and Laurynas leading as the sole examiner in the Baltic region.

You’ll be able to rent all the equipment necessary for kiteboarding at Kintai Kite Club and seek advice there as well. Additionally, the shop on site offers equipment, clothing, and other accessories from globally recognized brands that you can purchase.

Active Everywhere

Here in Kintai you will find not only everything you need for both beginners and seasoned kiters, but also so much more. Kites, windsurfing boards, catamarans, surfboards, bikes, beach volleyball, beach tennis, plenty of wind, various camps, and, of course, the authentic beauty of the Curonian Spit’s nature without any stress. So, we promise that it won’t be boring not only on the water but also on the shore – for those who come to learn kiteboarding and for those who accompany and stay on the beach.

About the destination

Kintai is a very unique place, situated on the way to the famous Ventė Cape lighthouse. It’s the heart of the historic Little Lithuania, known for its beautiful traditions and incredibly warm local people. The stunning natural environment is also remarkable, home to rare species like sea eagles. The breathtaking panorama of the Dead Dunes across the lagoon is something not to be missed. From the lodge to the kiteboarding spot is just a 15-minute walk or a 5-minute bike ride. Of course, you can also use a car, but would you want to miss the opportunity to taste the world’s most delicious just-baked cinnamon buns on your way?


Considering to arrive without equipment? No worries! Together with partners at Kintai Kite Club, we will offer everything needed for lessons or individual sessions.

Equipment rental

We offer kites, kiteboards, and other quality gear for rent. With our wide range of equipment, you can try out various kites and boards.

The lesson’s cost includes:

  • Training with an IKO licensed instructor
  • Rental of necessary equipment
  • IKO course completion certification
  • Access to the kiteboarding center’s infrastructure
Beginner465 Eur (6h)400 Eur (8h)
Beginner + 2 days rental600 Eur (6h + rental) 540 Eur (8h + rental)
Intermediate lessons with own gear260 Eur (4h)185 Eur (4h)
Intermediate lessons with school's gear95 Eur/h65 Eur/h

Why is it better with us?





Budintys gelbėtojai





Only kiteboarders with at least a Level 2 IKO card are allowed to rent equipment independently. If you don’t possess one, a ‘WindTrain’ instructor will assess your skills and make a decision. This system is designed to ensure both the safety of our clients and proper equipment usage. All gear is rented on a personal basis, so the client is responsible for its condition upon return and must compensate for any damages, if present.