The ‘WindTrain’ team is a family united by a strong passion for kiteboarding and an active lifestyle. Having shared various adventures together, we often say to each other, ‘with you, even to the ends of the earth.’ This deeply-rooted friendship is based on both professional relationships, continuous progress, trust in one another, and diversity. All members of the ‘WindTrain’ team not only possess certifications validating their qualifications but also specialize in specific areas within the kiteboarding disciplines, focusing on them and aiming to be the best.

Edgaras Martinėlis

Founder @ WindTrain

15 years in the tourism industry
IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) Level 3 instructor/trainer
KB4 instructor (Turkish Sailing Federation)
Snowboarding instructor
Amateur athlete and competition participant
Organizer of active trips, events, and festivals

Laurynas Juodeška

Founder @ Kintai Kite Club, Kite progress Coach @ WindTrain

Head of Liepkalnis Ski School
IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) instructor since 2009 with over 15,000 hours of teaching experience
IKO examiner
Multiple-time Lithuanian kiteboarding champion

Pijus Uogintas

The main activity, when not kiteboarding - business consulting.

Enthusiast of active sports and travel. Currently engaged primarily in business consulting.

Aidas Ramanauskas

IKO instructor LVL 3

"KB4 instructor (Turkish Sailing and Kiteboarding Federation)
Mountain biking enthusiast
International sales and business specialist
Never skips a good rave"

Benas Banelis

Instructor @ WindTrain and @ Kintai Kite Club

IKO head instructor LVL 2
Group leader of children's kiteboarding camps
Future kiteboarding athlete

Giedrė Martinėlė

The good fairy of 'WindTrain', marketing specialist.

Taking care of seasonal kiteboarding schools' travelers in Lithuania and abroad for many years
IKO instructor LVL1
Actively involved in trip organization
Marketing and advertising specialist

Aistė Ridikaitė

Professional photographer with more than 15 years of experience.

Best sports shot 2021
IKO instructor (LVL 2) since 2009
Action sports enthusiast and communication specialist
Traveled to over 40 countries
Tried more than 30 extreme sports

Tadas Čėsna

Head of 'Vėtra Media', film director, cameraman

Participant and prize winner of film festivals
Enthusiast of mountain biking, downhill racing, 'slackline', snowboarding, and similar activities
Officially a kiteboarding newbie

Gailė Narauskaitė – Bušmanė

Team's sports inspiration

IKO assistant instructor
Described as an adrenaline junkie and enthusiast of board sports within family and among friends br/> Kiteboarding since 2013 br/> Mostly trains with men, eagerly looking forward to seeing more women in the 'freestyle' kiteboarding world!

Arnas Bušmanas

IKO assistant instructor, main activity when not kiteboarding - real estate development.

Loves the wind and 'freestyle' discipline
Kiteboarding for more than half of his life
Currently engaged primarily in real estate development

Normantas Rabačiauskas

IKO instruktorius LVL 1

"Former corporate accountant, currently a extreme sports enthusiast
Head of finance and accounting teams
Future coach and specialist in export and business development
Active traveler and seeker of adventures"

Rokas Sabaitis

Instructor @ WindTrain and Kintai Kite Club,

IKO instructor LVL 2
Group leader of children's kiteboarding camps
Enthusiast of teas and chess

Tadas Cirtautas

IKO instructor LVL 2

Quit the military due to the wind. Grew up in Kintai, by the lagoon, at the Kintai Kite Club. Loves Techno. And to hang.

Justinas & Veronika

Instructors, WindTrain partners since 2020

Kiteboarding has become an inseparable part of their lifestyle. For the past five years, they have been traveling together, chasing the wind. If they're not teaching others how to kite, they train themselves, choosing the discipline based on the wind speed.